Wednesday, January 25, 2017

25 January 2017

Tuesday 17th January 2017
Finally I was due for launch, 6 months and 3 days after the RIB
tender smashed a hole in the boat. !!!! Of course it wasn't going to be that easy was it! So there I was waiting for all the lads to turn up for work at 0800hrs. I had worked hard over the weekend preparing the boat to be back floating again.
At 8-30 I was told they were taking me off the trolley and putting me on the storage stands because they needed it to launch another boat, they explained they couldn't launch me until the total outstanding bill for 6 months had been paid!
As I had already informed the marina manager, who knew that this bill was to the Moorings, whose boat had put me in that situation, and was not my bill. I had a chat with the yard manager who said his hands were tied as it was company policy 'no cash no splash' I asked him to ask his boss, he said he couldn't do that? So I had to get the dingy and go to the marina office to speak with the man. Knowing all about it he called them up and explained it all to them and said launch Roy its not his bill !
I was a bit on the stressed side and went downstairs for a coffee and a BLT to calm myself down (+ a fag or three), whilst sitting there my phone rang and I was told my boat was nearly in the water without me! I had to run back to the yard, didn't even have a sip of coffee either. About 20 minutes later I was back floating again, I have no words to describe how I have felt every day since !!!!!!!!!!!!
I have a total of 174 pictures to post !!! as I have been without internet for so long, But I found out today 25th from the IT guys that the internet signal to the whole marina has been getting jammed for some time by a person or persons unknown and has effected everyone's Wi-Fi here. If you are more than about 6 feet away from the Wi-Fi Arial your receive signal is blocked ! No wonder then, why I have had no internet for so long.
I have now made an arrangement with the IT guys to use my computer in their workshop tomorrow, and I will see how many pics I can get on the blog.
3 pics from today

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