Tuesday, November 24, 2015

On The Move.

Hi all,

I have done the fiddly bits that required emptying the boat onto the dock, fixed permanently the galley stove after finally finding out the cause of the fire, have only been able to use 1 burner since then, and its been like camping.
Also fixed the water maker after innovating a way to make it work, without having to send it back to Europe for them to do it. Thought I had fixed it last time I had a go at it.
So now I am happy with just about everything that needs to work even the toilet seat has been repaired.
I am leaving Rodney Bay sometime today or early tomorrow, bound for the Virgin Islands, I will miss the ARC boats arriving after the rally, but I need to start early going north.
If all goes well I will try and visit the Turks and Cacos before heading south again for the 2016 classics, if its to tight a time scale Classics will get priority.
More coming

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