Monday, July 27, 2015

Hi Everyone,
Well it took a while, but now all is finished and working, The Beta 30 Engine runs a treat and is much quieter than the Lister even when new. All old supply cables and hoses were renewed and all fitted and tested. Its sea trials next to fill in the installation check list and validate the 5 year warranty, I have asked to relaunch this week to complete these tests.
The charging problems I had before finally came to light whilst re doing the battery leads, the battery voltage sensor from the alternator had a hole in the insulation, the copper has corroded badly and was probably causing a very high resistance, meaning the alternator wasn't getting the right info to work properly. It all stemmed from the reef as this cable was the sixth one with that kind of damage.  Pics follow of out with the old in with the new also with some captions.
Old engine out again1

into cokpit2
As soon as I put it down I took the gearbox off then the crane came and put eng. on the floor
Then new engine was lifted on board
I took off bits that could get damaged, also the new adapter plate for the gearbox.
New adapter plate fitted to my old gearbox
engine begins its first journey into the boat without the gearbox
nearly there
Performing the marriage ceremony between Eng. (Melanie) and gearbox
Marriage completed
Then into the engine room for their honeymoon
View looking through engine room towards saloon
work begins modifying the mountings
New stainless steel bolted to wooden bearers
Engine lifted as high as poss. whilst this was going on, to save taking it in and out all the time.
old defunked controls that haven't worked for years.
Front of old panel
Front of new panel and amp meter after installation
I am now having trouble with the internet going slow and its taking forever to upload, will post rest of pics later.

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