Saturday, August 9, 2014

Hi Everyone,
Well I had a few jobs to do on the boat when I arrived, but the biggest problem turned out to be replacing the dingy. Without it No one can cruise anywhere. I was finally forced into buying one far to big, and guess what Alex! Again! circumstances make me have to tow this one all the time! I have to laugh though, it cost a fortune, But, its like the difference between a Rolls and a banger. I under any other pressure would never chosen this one, and it was the smallest I could find. Its great.

 2 pics next of the water maker in bits! I haven't used this since 30-11-2011 ! reef day (thinks) maybe I should celibate that date each year!

So now with new dingy and a professionally fitted tow line like I used to make for millionaires I set off for the regatta in Carriacou, a bit late. A few pics of St Lucia as I passed And one of Bequai next morning haviving passed St Vincent during the night.

Next Few pics are of Tyrrel Bay were I arrived on Wednesday before it started and last pick is the events flyer.

This is where I'm posting from!

breakfast English of course gets no better

Race 1 I didn't finish DNF as the wind disappeared and the current was pushing me backwards, 2nd race I was 5th in pic, 3rd race I was 4th, so 4th is were I ended up overall. Guiding Light was the oldest boat! all others were plastic or steel Schooners, Ketches or racing boats, so Coming 4th surprised everyone!

Grenada next for the Carnival !

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  1. Beautiful! Grenada has always been on our list. Enjoy the Carnival!