Saturday, June 28, 2014

Update Post to June 28 2014

Hi everyone again,
First of all I forgot to mention that getting third place at Foxy's Classic came with two prizes!
1=dinner for 2 at Molly Malone's in Redhook, and 2= $250.00 us. towards a haul out at Indipendant Boat Yard St Thomas.
So as I needed to paint the bottom of GL, as had no time in St Lucia, and wanted to say hello to everybody there, I took advantage of the prize and hauled out.

Started meeting people as soon as I arrived on Chris and Evelyne's dock on Tuesday. Then 2 days later hauled the boat.

doing catchup 12 at Chris & Evelyne's

Met up with Norma again and had a Sunday breakfast date that lasted all day till 9.00pm.
Also met up with Grace and used the dinner for two prize.
Full Moon, Friday 13 2014, Next one 2049

 On my Itinerary was a trip to Cruz Bay, so after launching and spending a couple more days on Chris's dock, having a proper repair to my jib, and also 2 awnings made, I sailed round to St John. Again met people I knew. After doing a lot of laundry and a bit of shopping, Grace mentioned she was going to Culebra, I volunteered to take her as another gentle introduction to cruising again.
We left Cruz Bay 21st to the Airport at St Thomas, after a nice easy sail anchored there. Sunday we sailed to Ensenarder Honda and anchored there around 3.30pm.
A few views of Culebra

So after Celebrating a local custom 23 June, that everyone on the island takes part in, this at Midnight on Monday Night, which entailed jumping backwards into the sea 7 times. If completed all your sins for the past year are washed away.
We left on Tuesday morning and had a glorious days sail back to the airport.
Grace at the tiller 1

Grace at the tiller 2
We tried to sail back to Cruz Bay Wednesday morning but wind was a bit viscous, so ended up at Water Island Honeymoon Bay. A few views of it follow.
my boat in the background

and of course one view from the bar
So all up to date, next post 14 could be from St Lucia, my next stop to pick up some equipment, before I go to Carriacou.

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