Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Work progress 4

Hi Everyone here is latest news
 First pic is of bunk bottom boards, they were so bad I have had to do them as well before I ordered the cushions to be fixed, as well as doing all the other jobs

Second pic is of them all varnished and screwed back down in fore cabin. Note the cushions have also been done with new backing material and good quality foam, so all bunks are now available as beds at long long last.
Pic 3 is the first undercoat applied to cabin top Pic 4 is after sanding and filling second coat going on.
Pic 3


Pic 5
Pic 5 is after another 2 coats have been applied with filling and sanding in between, ready for first top coat.
Pic 6 is first top coat

Pic 6
After another 2 topcoats were applied with sanding in between the 3rd topcoat was put on, this time using the last tin of paint I have of the right colour. Of course this means I will not be able to touch up the hull this time, as I only get 2 coats from one tin on the cabin top. The last coat will be put on when all the fittings have been replaced. Pic 7 & 8
Pic 7
Pic 8

I have also been sanding and varnishing all the bits around the boat, Pic 9 is the companionway hatch

Pic 9

Pic 10 is the fore deck mess, note the 2 vents that were ripped off the cabin when I went on the reef, they have to be replaced now
Pic 10

 And as I am doing the deck next, Pic 11 is the mast step hole which has to be repaired before I can start re caulking.
Pic 11

So when the vents handrails and coamings have been completed I will post the next set of Pics.

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