Saturday, February 1, 2014

2- Getting to grips with work load

Hi everyone,
Well I am back on board GL, a bit of a disappointing sight awaited me. She had only just been put back into the Shed at Rodney Bay shipyard, she had been taken out and left outside to fend for herself against the sun wind and this seasons unusual amount of rain, for over 4-1/2 months. The portholes had not been shut and generally GL wasn't prepared for being outside before I left in June last year.
I've been cleaning and washing everything inside and out and have found a lot of water related damage, it took over 3 hours to drain the rainwater from the bilges, as there was so much, of course the p/ps had not been left switched on.
So this has delayed beginning the required repairs to deck and cabin top. They will start in earnest on Monday 3rd Feb.
hopefully I will be posting regularly again from now on with good news.

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