Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Bang up to date Post

Tuesday 5. First lift out this morning everyone wanting to know why. I got stuck in removing the propeller train. It wasn't looking in very good condition, but it never did, its always been a bit of a bodge job. Kevin Gray came over to see and said you will have to replace that lot you know, I know but I haven't really got the funds to do it, well with a bit of  dealing with Kevin and his contacts I had arranged a new prop shaft, and a new clamp type coupling during the day which should all be on site by Saturday morning. After removing the shaft I found the inboard tube screws were completely loose, pulled the tube back by hand, there was no packing around it.
The old propeller being English taper  will not fit the USA taper shaft so have to order one from the States. The only one they had at 16 x 11 was a left handed one at 1-1/8" which meant a rebore to 1-1/4" and for me to change the transmission over to anticlockwise rotation for ahead. Lucky for me the gearbox is a PRM hydraulic one and can run in both directions with no problem.
Wednesday 6. there was also a stopwater pouring out water when lifted, I removed it to see what was going on there. It was made from a broom handle and that wood is not right as it does not swell up. The sealing had gone and the water was travelling behind the plank caulking, it was then getting to the stern tube and from there every joint and plank seam on the aft end!

Thursday 7. The Stern tube was done and cleaned out as was a new stop water fitted and sealed. (all day)

Friday 8. I sealed the stern tube back in position today after cutting the new shaft to the correct length and fitting it in temp. left it overnight to set solid. Have replaced the screws with 4 x 4" 5/16" Lag bolts. aft bearing is being turned out to 1-1/4" to fit the shaft, and got it back today, I fitted the bearing retainer with 3 bolts as a mod in case it should fall out. Friday night I received the new propeller from USA Frank and Jimmy's via FedEx. so now I just need a keyway cutting in the shaft at the engine end.

Saturday 9. Had a recommended engineering firm take the shaft and cut a new keyway fit a key and the new coupling on the shaft today. Then after getting it back finished at 12 noon, spent the rest of the day doing a dry fit of the complete shaft, propeller and coupling. 4pm after filling the shaft tube with grease I gave the engine a run and put it in gear. All worked A1. will fit properly tomorrow.

Sunday 10. Spent all day taking the shaft out and putting everything back together greased up and tightened down. This included fitting the pulley drive on the shaft for my sailing hydro generator. Spending the day upside down hanging over the engine sort of took it out of me a bit, but again by about 4pm everything was back together, and I must say I was very pleased with the  resulting very professional looking finished system, just hope it works as good as it looks.

Monday 11. as this is the second long holiday weekend here today is a holiday again. spent the day tidying up the tools and putting everything back together. As the new propeller is a Dynajet I am really looking forward to testing it tomorrow.

Tuesday 12. I was launched this afternoon about 2pm, I ran the engine and did a test of engine in and out of gear whilst alongside, all controls working AOK, have reduced the speed at which the gears engage and made sure the engine wasn't going to stall when put into gear. I was checking the bilges like a hawk every couple of minutes and think I can say now the water leakage has been sorted. I then dropped the mooring lines and went out for a trial run. Did many manoeuvres and a full speed run, this propeller drives the boat along beautifully 7knts at full power, and now 3.2knts with engine just ticking over, it never did that before. The last test was something I would never have done before with the old setup and that is a crash stop! so revved her up and when doing 7knts + ahead, threw her straight into astern up to full power....GL stopped so quickly with the prop churning up the water aft, Magic!
I now at last have my confidence back in my boat!

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  1. Thanks for bringing us up to date! Glad you have your beautiful boat as good as new, can't imagine what you have been through and how you have managed to stick at it all that time .. you are the most tenacious person I know :-)