Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Launching GL 7-12-2012

Hi Everyone !
Friday was launch day, I spent the day shaking like a leaf, and trying to make sure I hadn't forgotten anything. I cleaned up the deck and all the surrounding junk around the boat, it was either stored on board or taken to Evelyne and Chris's dock. Then at approx 16:30 the travel lift arrived and the launching procedure began. Pic1 = approaching the dock. Chris Nye and his truck in the foreground, full of needed bits, and, 7 six packs of beer in the cooler.

approaching the dock
Then with the boat in position, down she went.

First touch of seawater for over a year.

Then finally floating again at long long last!

With a bit of beer over the bow, she was pronounced officially back in business.

Various pics follow of the following launch party, and the people who have followed the repair job with moral support and interest, and are all now my very good friends.

Morgan the Shipwright
Jeff the wood shop Captain

Gabriella and Patrick, fellow boat owners

Tim Peck an Englishman of distinction

Evelyne and Chris Nye and Tim


There were many more people, but most were working or live on St John and couldn't attend.
To all in St Thomas and St John who gave me support during this past year, I say a big thank you. It is hard facing such a task and believe it or not, without the interest shown in my boat and the progress I was making, the task would have been an awful lot harder for me to complete.

To all that have followed the progress here on the Blog, and those who donated funds, its the same for you too, to achieve this result in the time its taken is a result of all the support comments and kindness I have been receiving.

With the deck and cabin furniture as the last things to make good, and with the boat hull swelling and sealing up by the hour, I am one really Happy Scoucer !!!



  1. This is brilliant news Roy, you must be so pleased. Its been a long job whch few would have undertaken, well done for all your hard work and craftmanship. Much love from your friends in Beaumaris, Carolyn xx

  2. Well done, Roy! She looks amazing. You must be very proud. Much love Ann and John (Moonlight)

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