Sunday, May 20, 2012

Fore foot and Deadwood

Hi all,
So having spent another couple of days shaping sawing and sanding, the fore foot is now back in position, ready for the final sand and priming.

fore foot view 1
forefoot view 2
Thought I would leave the damaged bit in the photo as a comparison.

While I was doing this, I removed the deadwood to see what was going to be required for this, a repair or renewal. As you can see this is a biig lump of wood. Its made from English Elm, there is none of that round here, Quandary now is on what to do with it.

Deadwood view 1

It is the biggest single lump of wood on the entire boat, exept for the wood keel of course.

Deadwood view 2

So with the plank templates started I will think about the deadwood  at the same time.


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