Friday, April 20, 2012

Work begins again

Hi Guys and Gals,
So Straight back to fixing the frames.
 After having received the copper nails, first job was to put them in, and set the roves ready for riveting. This was quite hard  nailing copper through oak, even with a pilot hole, I had to get a much bigger hammer, and then be very careful as giving them hard whacks its very easy to bend them!

Pics of nails with roves

Frame 13 all glued

And nailed

Frame 12 ready for template

So now all is ready for frame 12 to be templated and the oak cut to size. 12 and 13 were the most badly damaged, and the reason for being the last to do, as I didn't want the planks to move until the rest had been nailed. Frame 10, 17, 18 have only broken sisters so will be easier to finish. Then all frames are fixed. I will have one more piece of oak to put in up fwd. This was the deck support which also took some damage.
I have now ordered the wood for the planking repairs. Jeff and Morgan from the wood shop are organizing that for me, they have sourced some Fir, 8"x1-1/2"x16 feet. I think its 5 of these should do the trick. 2 of these will replace both Garboard planks, I've had a lot of trouble with them leaking, and have found the cause I think. Through bolts broken, and the fact they had been nailed on using round brass nails instead of screws. With a bit of luck they shouldn't leak again.
So the Saga continues with more similar pics coming.

PS arn't the pics really good?! I do like this camera a lot.

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