Sunday, April 8, 2012

Ok I'm Back Again

Hi Everyone still watching the blog,
Sorry for the missing updates to the blog, I've been so so busy earning money to continue the work, and buy the materials needed, to finish.
I joined a motoryacht in St. Maarten on 12 Feb. as temp Chief Engineer, only supposed to be a short with boats in general, finding a replacement engineer was easier said than done.
I have been on the boat during the Owners visits, plus a charter. I had no handover from the previous Engineer as he had left 3 days before I got there. So lots of things had to be learned and fixed and operated. She is soon to cross the Atlantic and arrive in time for the Genoa Boat Show. I have made new friends, and met 2 past fellow crew members I have not seen for 20 years or so. I have also been taken to just about everywhere in the BVI whilst aboard the yacht, so have updated my knowledge of these Islands.

 I wish all the crew, with all my hart. Fair winds, Calm seas and a safe and interesting passage! They now have I believe, a capable boat to do it with.

The other thing that has happened is a rather important milestone in this magical mystery tour of my life! That is a birthday! I have now achieved the status of an Old Age Pensioner! and, having reached 65 years young, that journey continues too.
I have some pics to post, and will do that soon.

The Camera I have now was very Kindly donated by the Owners of the motoryacht 'MiMu', (the yacht with the beating Hart) it is waterproof and Tough, and exactly what I needed most. Thank you both ever so much.

More later.

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  1. Happy birthday Roy, a few days late. I wish you many lovely voyages with a completely repaired GL and the best of luck.
    Lots of love, micheline