Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The prognosis for repair

Hi Everyone again,

And now my and GL's quandry, it concerns my finance's as much as anything else, also the estimated work and time/materials required to carry it all out.
The main damage is to the starboard side when she was pulled over. Morgan the Shipwright has been aboard for a quick look, and we discussed what needs to be done, and a rough time scale for completion. It doesn't look good for me. All my budget for the next 5 months was used to get her off the reef and into the shipyard. Over $10,000. Right now I am out of funds. I had to spend that amount as I just couldn't stand by and watch as she was battered into matchwood by the relentless waves on the reef. I spent all day yesterday searching the reef and the mangroves for all the items washed overboard. I found them scattered all over the mangroves. And recovered:- outboard motor/washboard/cockpit floor/cockpit cushion/aft hatch cover/salvage pump/bottle of washing up liquid/petrol can/life jacket/dingy oars and dingy which was shreaded and useless. I recovered all except two anchors and my boathook, so luck is still with me a bit.
More news later


  1. Hi Roy, Can't believe what I have just been reading, havent been able to go on blog for a few weeks as didn't have computer, now up and running again so thought I'd get up to date with your adventures having a morning coffee.
    BLOODY HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Really sad news but could have been worse, you and the crew are alive to tell more mariners tales. As I was reading the evolving drama

  2. Jayne continued
    I just kept thinking - please dont let GL sink.
    So relieved she survived the reef, what a yacht.
    So releived you and GL survived.
    Lots of Love