Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Spar Lash

Good news everyone,GL was splashed this morning 1230hrs your time zone.
I have had to work so hard to fix all this stuff I need a break.
The shipwright here Morgan again congratulated me on a job well done repairing the stem on my own. I only wish I could show the photo's.
I found another 2 coach screws on the port side garboard and replaced them by re-drilling the holes and through bolting them. That made 4 missing bolts, all in the mast step area, no wonder it was moving about. It remains now to see if this has stopped the likelyhood of the garboard, and plank above from moving against each other, cos thats were it leaked bad before.
I have a berth for today and tonight and will anchor tomorrow, need a bit more wood for the chain locker, its just to control were the chain goes, its been falling over and jamming when I try and pull it out again.
I have no idea what happens next though, I have an invite back to Coral Bay of course, but now we are in the middle of hurricane season its a choice of were to go to hide. This present boat yard is nearly full to the brim with boats that have been hauled out, and there is still a queue trying to get out.
After quizzing everyone here it is looking like a trip to Grenada, its south anyway, even St Lucia is not concidered safe in hurricanes, so will have to have another sea trial and make sure everything is ok, so Coral Bay first then make a decision.
I can get internet there and will be posting as many pic's as I can.

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