Saturday, April 16, 2011

Antigua Classic

Hi Again everyone,
Well the journey to Antigua was a bit of a battle, the forecast couldn't have been more wrong, but i made it, and arrived Wednesday morning at 0900hrs, after taking the sails down I went to the marina and moored up were I was last year. I did all the registration and customs a very busy day, Duncan who had also had a bad trip arrived in time to join in the welcome party on the AYC lawn.
So Thursday and the judging for Concourse de Elegance.....night time they gave the results and I can tell everyone I came second place this year!! there was no shame as the yacht that won I had already fallen in love with and it certainly deserved the first prize.
Now the racing starts, I have Barry, Duncan and another cuising man Don as crew, Kate will hopefully come on Sunday and Monday, Race 1 was on Friday, not much wind but a lovely day for a sail, we won our class but after corrected time found who our competition is, we had crossed the line 20 minutes before the next boat but he got first place by 6 minutes, So we have a challange on our hands. Todays race Saturday the wind had gone down even more and we had made sure our competition was a long way behind us, on the way to the second mark the commitee boat told everyone that the course was shortened and again we have come first but will have to wait and see the corrected time results to know if we have won.
There are partys galore and we are enjoying the event to the maximum.
More Later Guys and Gals

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