Thursday, March 10, 2011

Rodney Bay

Hi Everyone,
Well on the Friday 25th Feb I went for a little trial sail with Barry, the wind had become a lot stronger the last couple of days and was predicted to be the same till middle of next week. We had a good sail but did lose the Starboard running backstay in an impromptu gibe, oops, but I was happy to do the trip to St Lucia 'as is'.

Pic 1 back to the water Jolly Harbour

Pic 2 alongside the working dock Jolly Harbour

Pic 3 Sunset over Montserrat

So Saturday 26th Feb I set off waving ta ra to Barry who had driven round to the point to watch me leave, the wheather was still strong winds but sunny, took the sunset pic as night came some 20 odd Nm from Antigua.
That night was really rough, over 28knts of wind, I hadn't had the bottle to put the main up and it was just as well, I was doing over 7.5knts on just my 2 jibs. I shot passed Guadalupe during the night, and morning found me 3/4 of the way across to Dominica. Sunday I passed and then across the next gap to Martinique, I got into relative shelter about 22:30hrs, I then knew I was going far too fast and at this rate would arrive in St Lucia at 03 or o4oohrs Monday. As I was a bit Knackered by all this wind and waves (over 35knts of wind during the night) I decided to heave too and get some sleep, there was no one else sailing only the odd idiot the same as me, so felt quite safe and had a good 3 hours crashed out.
Arrived in Rodney Bay at 14:15hrs, Duncan met me coming up the channel, and after a brief stop at the fuel quay I tied up to a mooring in the Lagoon for the night, and on Thursday morning 07:30Hrs Duncan and myself went to the dock, pulled out the mast and was lifted out.

Pic 4 Mast out and boat ready to be put ashore

Pic 5 Lifting out at Rodney Bay, Ricky the yard foreman watching.

Pic 6 In the Shed with stripped down mast.

So Edwin (shipyard manerger) very kindly let me go in the big shed out of the sun and any rain we might get, a magic result. And here I am with a hell of a lot of work to do, but its warm and dry!

As a note to Alex Houston, well I can not see myself getting to NZ. funds are running low, great if I had a sponser, as would love to carry on, I have made a lot of friends who will be going that way this, last, and next year.
note to Mike, I stll have good memories from our Sunday furckles in Turkey, I am still in touch with the bar staff of the Irish Pub there.
as to the rest, more as it happens.

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  1. No news for such a long time, you okay, Roy? Margaret