Friday, March 4, 2011

March 01

Hi all,
Well there has been a few developments since the last post and I will now let you know the results.

GL was launched on Monday morning as planned, all went well and I tied up alongside the fuel dock. I had given her a good new antifouling paint job before the launch, this I might add is the only work I have been able to do whilst being in Jolly Harbour shipyard for Six Months. This mainly because of the time, money, and hassle, of dealing with the robberies. Monday night I decided to have a proper celibration drink, so I went to the Dogwatch Pup, and, meeting up with Bruce, who I had met before, a fellow wooden yacht owner, I did my bit for going in, and he did his bit for just coming out. Needless to say but, I (and Bruce) didn't feel very well all day Tuesday. 23rd Feb. Wednesday morning however, was to see the last surprise in the 'SAGA' from the treatment I have received from the Marina Management and Owner here at Jolly Harbour shipyard Antigua, after, having my boat broken into twice! whilst being under their 24hr manned shipyard security protection.

I was informed that now back in the water, Guiding Light and myself were no longer welcome at the shipyard or the Marina at Jolly Harbour

The reason I was given for this was the way in which I had celibrated on going in the water on Monday! in I might add, an indipendent esablishment.

I have a sneaky feeling however that they didn't want me telling or spreading my story to anyone coming into the yard! especialy owners like Bruce who are regular users.
I was given till Saturday 26th Feb. to leave!

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