Sunday, July 4, 2010

At St Lucia IGY Shipyard

Hi Everyone,
Saturday night as you can imagine was spent at the 'Boardwalk' a place to have a beer or two or three or.... I don't remember getting back to the boat, but did wake up there.
Sunday morning I woke bright and early, and thought I'll send a multiple text msg to everyone saying I was OK, then the final fickle finger of fate dealt me the the final blow, my mobile phone refused to recognise my password...three times....then asked me for my PUK code!!!! The last time that happened I threw my phone into a swimming pool in France, I'm not in France this time so controlled myself and I still am waiting for the code.
I started right away fixing the boat, found were it was leaking, and there were 3 other places too, underneath the water tank and fuel tank, basically all the way down the starboard garboard plank!
By the time the engine arrived and Duncan to help me, I had nearly finished all those items, and this Thursday with engine AOK, I had booked my launching for tomorrow Monday 5 July! so as its 4 July I am again in the Boardwalk for a bit of celebration. GL has been scrubbed inside and out today, also teak oiled and looks as if nothing has happened, painted and antifouled,(antifouling by Danielle and Duncan) Danielle had a formal dinner date with her girl friends that night and was covered in black paint, I had no thinners left!!!
As you can see from this Post I have finally at last transferred all my programs over to the new computer, I did have a few probs getting things to work with windows 7, but now all is well, just have to test satellite conn tomorrow.
Could be some pics comming soon as have loads to post.
more later.

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