Saturday, June 19, 2010

Story Part 2

Hi again everyone,
So part 2 of the story.
The Captain of 'Cool Express' told me he had been diverted as the closest vessel to my position, and he had been searching for me since 0900hrs local time! He asked me my distress situation and I told him I had not actually called a distress, it was done by concerned friends, He asked what help I required, I replied 20+Ltrs of petrol, they only carry a small amount for their rescue boat but the Engineer said I could have 2Lts, we decided it was not worth the risks involved transferring such a small amount.
He then offered me passage on board his ship, abandoning GL! well I couldn't do that, so said no to that offer. He then went through the protocol required, asking many questions and relaying these back to the RCC Norfolk, who then advised me to send position reports daily, and should the worst happen I was to use my Epirb to send a distress. We had a good talk together, he was very friendly, and we parted company at about 1800hrs.

Again on my own I went over and over which way I should go, a thousand miles back, or one and a half thousand miles to 'Horta' forward. Such a hard decision, but ended up choosing back. As I know a lot of people in St Lucia, I set course. The weather next day was much improved, the wind on the beam, Gl was up to 6knts again, sun was out so 6knts + sun Batteries were now getting charged. I was maintaining 12.3volts with only a 2hr charge daily from genset. All going well, I was treated to a sperm whale diving down with the classic tail flukes going vertical up in the air.
GL had been taking a bashing, everything inside soaking wet, stupid laptop was now giving me 220v electric shocks when sending messages, I found a nut and washer from the mast on deck, this is holding one of the spreaders on! then another bit fell off, all worrying stuff, I ran out of water and had to use water-maker, using precious petrol, then with only 300 miles to go the wind died. The sails were flapping about and GL was going nowhere, I pulled the sheets in, and then went to bed for a good 6hrs kip, there was nothing I could do even if a ship did come close. I awoke about 5am with GL rolling around and a big banging going on, but still no wind, I came out of the cabin to see 'Fred' jumping 12" into the air and crashing down, again and again, looking over the stern I spotted the fitting holding 'Fred' up was no longer attached to the boat! Oh No!
Part 3 next


  1. You are certainly having adventures, Roy - but glad you are coping so well! Margaret

  2. Oh God Roy,You will have to write a book about your trip, It is so exciting! I am eagerly waiting for the rest of the story. Lots of love, micheline

  3. Hi Roy, Glad to hear you are ok. I really do NOT know how you do it. Sorry to hear you are having problems, but am sure you have everything under control. It sounds a bit more than fun & games to me, so be careful, so as to stay safe !!
    I am sure you will have loads of stories to tell everyone, when you do eventually get home !! Love always - - Marjorie xx

  4. Ok, Roy needs to write a book about his travels, I'll write something about Roy, oh dear oh dear, Roy being here,in St Lucia, that's an adventure on his own, jeeeeeez!!! Just some examples: Loosing his glasses, finding them 4 days later, being invited for dinner, just made it on time as he forgot (fortunately Duncan went to pick him up)!!!!, spilling oil in/on his boat like there's no tomorrow !!!! letting us (Duncan & me) put anti-fouling on the boat but he doesn't have anything to get the paint of our hands (eh eh) and I can go on and on, but still, I need to be good as he promised me to take me finally out on his famous yacht >>> Happy Sailing ! xx Danielle