Friday, June 4, 2010

Change of course to St Lucia

Guiding Light changed course on Thursday June 3rd, Roy's new destination is St Lucia. Roy is still unable to update the blog himself. Daily map position updates have resumed.
Latest Update: Roy is due to arrive St Lucia soon, but is making slow progress due to a large Easterly swell. He reports he should be pulling into Rodney Bay and drop anchor Saturday 12/6/10 in the am/pm
Guiding Light Position Map


  1. Well Roy, this is weird, I was hoping to see you in the UK but apparently you stopped in Horta to return to SL. I'm there now, so we'll meet at the Boardwalk !!!! Have a safe trip. xx D.

  2. Roy, lift out and storage in the RB marina sorted !! As soon as you approach St Lucia, let me know +1758.718.5010 and I'll contact the boatyard no matter what time or day. Or Edwin 720.5150
    Just telling this on your blog in case you didn't receive emails from D. (mine to you is blocked by the way)Good luck.
    Danielle xxx

  3. Hi Roy, we're in Rodney Bay marina at the moment, and staying here until next week. Let us know when you arrive and we'll catch up! Let us know if you need anything too. Have a good last bit of the trip - it's quite windy at the moment here. John and Ann, Moonlight

  4. Hi Moonlight, what dock are you on ??? This is Danielle from the St Lucia Yacht Club Social Secretary.

  5. Hi Danielle/Roy - we're on D16. Going to be out and about from time to time next few days (Ann's mum is staying with us!), but keen to help. John and Ann - Moonlight.,