Thursday, April 29, 2010

Antigua decisions

Well folks, even last year when Sue and Dick had to leave GL, I knew I hadn't the funds to employ Fred and reach NZ without Sue And Dick aboard. I had to make a decision, and Antigua was going to be the Island it happened. North or south! north means back to UK! South means carry on to Panama! I have to report that funds are giving way and Panama will not be an option. At this time of year winds are supposed to favour a return via the Azores or Panama, and that will be my plan now. I feel not sad as I have achieved so much at this point in time, who could have thought of GL being so successful, I can not imagine how that could be topped, so I am very happy to come home, there is one hell of a big journey between where I am and Beaumaris with all the trials that it will bring, so hide the kids GL and Roy are coming home again !!!! Of the so many friends Ive made some are going N some are going S, so I will have company on this journey also, to swop horror stories etc i'm becalmed again!!. And absolutely in, on, or under any circumstances am I going to make fish cakes!!! promise.

Roy more as i find out.

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  1. Ihave to admit that I will be very pleased to see you soon at Beaumaris, Roy.
    What an adventure you have had and such a great time - we have all enjoyed your blog and photos and look forward to updates on the journey back as well.
    lots of love, Margaret


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