Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Moved again

Hi everyone,
The Saintes Ilses were very nice but the anchor place was awfull, rolling about all the time, mostly due to the ferries going full tilt through the moored boats. I was so far out as well, so anchor depth was 15mtrs, a bit to much for me to cope with, (15mtr chain + anchor = I can't lift it easily)
So have moved again, a night time passage with a good kip on the way, Pointe Malendure about 500 yards from the cliff,
Position: 16,10.40N 061,46.85W, left Monday at 1600hrs and arrived there at 0600hrs Tuesday. The beach is popular and is the staging post for the dive boats and glass bottom boats, many tourists but not many cruising yachtsmen, went to the beach yesterday very hard to get ashore because of the steep beach and large swell, (a bit of the jetty has washed away) then a 15 min walk to the small town. No real facilities for yachts here, so while I wait for Micheline to arrive I will go round the corner to Deshaies as the town is behind the beach, and anchor off Anse Deshaies. Will maybe get internet there as well and post some pics again.

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  1. Hi
    I was interested in your account of your yachtingtravels by Gauntlet. I also have a Gauntlet yacht in New Zealand - she was built here and launched in 1979. We have refitted her and are leaving for Vanuatu and New Caledonia in a couple of months. She is 38' on deck and is a cutter with a bowsprit (recent addition).
    If you want to follow our sailing progress our blogsite is and our on board email is This address won;t work until we are in the water again in about 6 weeks so we can be contacted in the meantime on
    Love to hear from you
    Jim Donald