Sunday, February 14, 2010

Back to St Lucia

This pic of Scholcher with the Pitons in the background is the last one from Martinique, I am on my way back to St Lucia in the next few days to take part in the round island rally, the reason I visited was the St Lucia Yacht Club young sailors had arrived to take part in the 20th Martinique international Optomist and other dingy classes regatta hosted by Club Nautique, I went to show my suport and say hello to Danielle and Duncan who were also there.

So ends my visit to Martinique, but more coming.


  1. Hi Roy, it was good to see you in Martinique Schoelcher! We're waiting now for you to arrive back in St Lucia. Friday 5.30pm Skippers Briefing at the Yacht Club for the Independence Day Round St Lucia Rally! Cheers. Danielle & Duncan

  2. Wonderful, it is going to be great fun to meet you on the other side of the Atlantic. You will enjoy 'Les Saintes', it is lovely. I shall be in Bouillante next to the Rock of Malendure and I shall be diving around Ilets Pigeons and the Cousteau domain. I'm enjoying Beaumaris spring weather but it is still a bit chilly.
    Lots of love,
    PS. I am not hiding my identity, but the only way I know how to sign is 'anonymous'.