Sunday, January 10, 2010

January 2010

Hi everyone,
Some more views of the Island after a little tour I did with some friends from the Netherlands, we were with Malaki, he took us to the not so well visited places so we could see the real St Lucia, swiming in a river and seeing the small fishing villages, took us all day and included a swim in a hot mineral waterfall and a visit to the volcano crater which bubbles and steams away, bit smelly as sulfurous. pic 1 fishing village pic 2 swimming hole pic 3 rain forest pic 4 boiling sulfur mud pic 5 the famous Pitons with the town at there base Soufriere.
In the process of planning the next route and will post info later. Hope all had a good time over Xmas and New Year.


  1. Hiya Uncle Roy,

    Looks like your still having a lovely time! Happy Christmas and New Year, a little belated.

    Hope your still in St. Lucia and not caught up in the earthquake in Haiti.


  2. Any new plans, Roy? luv, Margaret

  3. Hi Roy
    What are the current plans long time no posts hope you haven't run into any difficulties


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