Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Trip to Gomera

Hi Folks,
Well wanted to leave on Sat. but wind was very strong and forecast was the same for next couple of days, enjoyed the Halloween celibrations of Sanra Cruz in an Italian Resturant/Bar, not eating, drink only, too posh. Hundreds of children walking about the city dessed up as witches etc.
Left at 0600hrs Tuesday into quite a confused sea, Lumpy is the way I would describe it, heres the sad part, the view leaving was really good so took a couple of shots, waited a bit as the wind picked up and thought good for a movie clip, but the camera woundn't switch on! Ive tried charging the battery but no go, will have to see about that.
This journey was the most uncomfortable I have ever had, during the trip the wind went 360 degrees with about an hour of no wind in between each change of direction, it started NE then E then SE then S then W then SE again then NW, N and back to NE, once changed it blew up to F5 for about an hour and back down then stopped again, a very bumpy ride changing the sail set up all the time. Checked out Los Christianos Tenerife hoping to have a rest at about 1900hrs hoping to stay there for the night, but the port now has a ferry and no space for visitors, so carried on to Gomera. Arrived at Puerto Santiargo Gomera at 0600hrs, the view of Tenerife was amazing as the Sun slowly came and lit up the volcano, no flipping Camera, but again they also have a ferry and the visitors space is the terminal now, so again carried on to San Sabastion and Marina Gomera, arriving at 1000hrs this morning, Position: 28,5.34N , 17,6.46W a very busy Port for yachts, a lot of them are here preparing to cross the Atlantic, members of the non ARC cruising fraternity. Have heard there is a anchorage further round the coast so might take a look at staying there for a bit in a couple of days. Must see here first.
more later

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