Friday, October 16, 2009

Liverpool Telescope

After I'd done the pics of the Crator at the top I went looking for the Liverpool Telescope, I knew it was here but didn't know what it looked like! of course during the day there is no one around to ask as they are all in bed after observing all night, I walked all over the place looking for it, then howeve,r I saw a bloke walking between some buildings and I shouted my question as loud as I could being some distance away, its dead quiet up there and I was suprised by how loud I sounded "Hey R kid do you know were the Liverpool Telescope is" he then said "Its this one" I was stood looking at the dam thing, he then waited for me to walk over. He walked inside and said to another bloke "hey Allan theres a guy from Liverpool outside wants to talk". Would you believe it, this telescope was the biggest Robotic telescope in the world when they built it, there is normally no one here, its all done by remote control from Liverpool John Moores Institute who own and maintain it. Allan and his team were here for an annual service of the equipment, and adding a new camera, he said I was so lucky as he had 5 mins to show me around and hardly anyone has ever seen the telescope itself before because theres no one here, how lucky is that? So here are the pics I took, outside first inside next post, Its Allan on the left, they even had the dome open.

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