Thursday, October 8, 2009

Leaving Gran Canaria

Hi all,
Sorry for the delay in sending this post but have been waiting for internet.
I left the anchorage at Las Palmas at 1100hrs Thursday 1st Oct. Made the decision that Isla La Palma was a good idea because I've always wanted to visit and never got the chance, I could have got very distracted with Gran Canaria and Tenerife and maybe never get there, so, it took 4 days as the wind just didnt happen, every day the forecast was F3-F4 from the north or north east, I never saw any of that max for the journey was a weak F2 (except arrival day when a F5 came to see me in).
So I arrived late at night at the marina, couldn't anchor outside as I don't have 200-300mts of chain.
Magic Marina, I knew imeadiatly that this was the place I've been looking for to prepare for the Atlantic crossing, The Island is green warm and friendly. The Marina is called Purto Calero and is in build by the Marina people in Lanzerote, its quite empty at the moment, more on this later.
I am posting Pics from here with this post, 5 altogeter, and if the internet connecction stays will try and post catch up pics. I have been very busy already and have done a job on the decks and toe rail, all scubbed sanded and teak oiled (real teak oil) the boat really does look a bit gob smacking so the patchy varnish has got to be done today/tom, I have a poxy little eng oil leak to fix, needs a new cover joint which I have now got ready, then, I'm going to do a bit of tourist type things and visit the observatory at the volcano caldera at the very top.

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