Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Crater

(with commentary)
Unfortunately Gomera and Tenerife were lost in the suns glare, quite a sight to see all three Ilands in a sea of clouds, on board my visable horizen is only 8 miles away, a bit more when the land has a high elevation but then its normaly lost in the same cloud haze. I have taken stills though shown in the next post. Amazing place though, closest I've ever been to a volcano. Had a bit of trouble uploading this one, the internet here is so slow, after 3 hours of upload I got a message saying I had exceeded the file size limit of 100MB. So after a bit of fiddleing about I changed it from MPG to WMV, hope everyone can still view it in windows media, brought the file size down to 25MB instead of 113MB.

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